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Re: Roll call for Decatur

Postby BBQBrew01 » Tue Jun 02, 2015 7:50 am

Rockin R BBQ wrote:Just wanted to say thanks to all of the cookers that came out and supported Eighter from Decatur Challenge. We had 83 teams for 3 1/4 inches of rain which is pretty good within itself. Want to say thanks for cleaning up your camps while you were there and when you left and not ruining the grounds when you left the premises. Also thank you for working with us on our new set times for turn in and we will continue with the times since we were able to start the awards at 3:45. We will also be continuing the 15 pay out spots on all 3 meats next year. Be watching in January for our flyer when we have it posted to the website and be sure to pre-register because as I said during the award ceremony we will only be able to handle 100 cooks due to the fact that the 250 judges that were committed is all we can get in Decatur,TX so we want to maintain a fair contest for all of you cooks out there. Congratulations are in order for our Grand Champion Terry Johnson and Reserve Champion Gary Howard. Also congratulations to all the other cooks that walked and got some recognition. We also recognize all the winners of the crackers due to the loss of their EZ-Ups. :)

Hope to see you next year and thanks again,

Rockin R BBQ

Ya'll run a great cookoff! We will be back next year. Special thanks goes out to the guys with the "Gator" for pulling my pit out of the mud and up to the road so I could hook-up easily!!
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Re: Roll call for Decatur

Postby J3BBQ » Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:42 pm

Thank you Randy for the congrats and thank you for another great cook off!!! J3 will definitely be back again next year!!! You guys did an awesome job taking care of everyone despite the rain.

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