Quest for Fire

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Quest for Fire

Postby rms827 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:39 pm

Nope not the 1981 French made independent film... My first attempt at charcoal BBQ. :mrgreen:

Overall, it went fairly well, even more so for a first time. I did what the wrapper on the chimney starter and a few YouTube videos said.

Loaded and Lit :D

After the advised 15 minutes, out goes the charcoal into the Weber.

Ready to go!

And then it was hamburgers and chicken breast sammiches on the grill. I thought I took a pic of all the food on the grill but apparently the cell brainfarted. New Apple OS has more bugs in it than a fire ant mound. :angryfire:
I did get a pic of the burgers in the background while grabbing y'all a shot of my ECB. :mrgreen:

My World Class ECB LOL

And here's a shot of one of the finished burgers. I was disappointed by the lack of pink, but I forgot i put a little Worcestershire sauce in the burger mix, along with cheddar and bacon.


Burger was good. A bit closer to medium than medium rare (where I like 'em), but the flavor was great. All in all a successful outing, but I think I need to start experimenting with indirect heat. Those burgers cooked fast.
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