Experience with the snake/coil method - question

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Experience with the snake/coil method - question

Postby mmmRibs » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:58 pm

Hi BBQ forum. Longtime griller, newtime smoker, first-time poster. This seems like the appropriate forum section and method of asking a discreet question. If not, I apologize.

I've been working with the snake method for a couple months now for longer cooks, and I'm quite intrigued by it. I've mostly been employing a mostly 2x1 coil, though the top briquettes are rather flat compared to the base that are angled to stack on each other. I like to try to get cooks with the vents open as little as possible to get practice in with lower temperatures. Admittedly I have resorted to throwing my ribs into the oven to finish them off, though my first attempt had an upfront slab taking the brunt of the heat and came out super tender compared to the ones behind it. I am somewhat curious as to why I'm not getting 10 hour cooks with a coil that goes from one end of the drip-pan all the way to the other side of it, but I'm mainly just having fun right now with each cook attempt.

My main reason for posting this here is to see if I can get some thoughts on this current cook. I used a 2x2 coil for the first time. The bottom vent is half way open I'd say while the top is mostly closed. I wanted to get a 6-hour burn time, but when I came back to the house after 75 minutes I saw that I overshot the temperature. I'm not too worried this time, but am nonetheless curious of my coal arrangement and results. I used Weber's Igrill to monitor internal temperature, only opened the lid once about 20 minutes ago. The temperature outside is said to be 75 F. Now on to the temp-graph.

iGrillDoY (1).png

I came home at 1:15 to notice the temperature drop, and was just kinda curious about the inconsistency. As I said, I did open the lid at around 2:25 (192 degrees), and the chamber is either heating up, or I've reached a stall.

Does a 2x2 coil look right with this time-graph? Also, is that drop in temperature after an hour normal?

I read varying opinions on dampers and vents, so I mostly just attempt low air-flow cooks. But that being the case, it feels like those coals got pretty hot if my stall is around 193.

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