Lonestar Horizontal Pit with insulated FB owner ?

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Lonestar Horizontal Pit with insulated FB owner ?

Postby lobsterbake » Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:01 am


I am interested in getting a LSG horizontal offset smoker and thinking about an insulated fire box. I want to be able to use with the charcoal basket they sell and also to be able to use as a stick burner. Anyone have a 24x48 or 24x60 etc with a charcoal basket:

How tight is it when using the charcoal basket for room and airflow? How long do you get with a full basket of charcoal?

If you get the insulated FB - can you use 16 or 18" sticks or do you have to split them?

Thanks for any insight.

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Re: Lonestar Horizontal Pit with insulated FB owner ?

Postby sparctek » Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:59 am

Mark, I think we have been exchanging private emails. I have the 24x48 with insulated firebox from LSG. I don't have the charcoal basket as I like to run the cooker with splits. I will measure the inside of the firebox when I get back home, but it is roomy enough to use 16" splits. So far I have not needed splits that big when cooking as it is an efficient cooker.

I'll update once I have the inside dimensions.

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