Competition BBQ Pit - Advice Please

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Competition BBQ Pit - Advice Please

Postby Shiz-Nit » Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:37 am

Good day I hope all is well,
To start we are looking at purchasing a new pit for comps & catering. We will complete this year using our current smokers and equipment. The question is how are the Pitmaker Vaults, we have only seen YouTube videos and we have not seen one 1st hand. We currently cook on Backwoods Competitor and a 22.5 WSM both have a guru system on them. We are looking for a trailer pit where we can cook at 275 degrees and keep is rock solid.

Not may Pitmakers in this area so I figure I would ask some people that maybe a little more up and close with them.

Any info or advice would greatly be appreciated indeed.
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Re: Competition BBQ Pit - Advice Please

Postby Markw142 » Fri Sep 26, 2014 8:09 am

they must be good. The last couple of comps I went to. You couldn't swing a cat without hitting several pitmaker rigs...most consist of a vault and the sniper pit (seriously, out of 19 teams there were like 6 pitmaker rigs ranging from the simple trailer rig to the comp rigs with the canopy/fold out extensions etc... beautiful rigs.
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Re: Competition BBQ Pit - Advice Please

Postby QorDie » Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:43 pm

I've got a vault and love it. Holds whatever temp you want and let's you get sleep. That said, I'll be ordering a sniper soon for additional space, a bit better of a stickburner config.

J$ competes on a vault/sniper combo and is killing it, he's got that puppy dialed in. I think he added some insulation to the sniper firebox so it hums along with less stoking.

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