1st place Brisket!

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Re: 1st place Brisket!

Postby B&K Smokers » Wed Oct 22, 2014 2:51 pm

pokersmokers wrote:Thanks for all the congrats! Competitions are always hard work, but lots of fun all at the same time! I'm def hooked, i've always enjoyed bbq'ing at the house and every since my first comp. i've been hooked! I like the sense of competition and have met alot of really nice people from all over Texas. Btw B&K Smokers why couldn't you make the event this year? Congrats on the previous years! I have always had a tough time with my chicken box as well, I hate trying to get those 20 pieces in that box and still making my box look appetizing lol. Yes i'm from Rockdale, born and raised, I graduated 2005.....

I didnt cook this year because I am going to go to Meridian this weekend and couldnt do two comps back to back like that. I really like that cook off and plan on being back next year. Maybe we can trade some Brisket for Rib secrets! :shock: :dont:

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