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Postby MONTANA25 » Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:27 am

Hey Guys!! My name is Mike and i've been BBQ'n under the name of BAM(Bad :censor: Mexicans) Smokers for the past 3 years. This past weekend was the first time I tried to do competative fajitas. Not too worried about finding out about cuts of fajitas or what mairinades and seasoning to use. What my question is about plating. This benefit cookoff I was at required 7 turn in strips and garnishing was allowed. I turned in what I thought was a decent plate but never got the call. Which is fine as that the way it is with a cookoff. How do you plate and cut the size of a fajita strip to turn in? Is it thick for all the judges? Think Stripped? One lady said theyre was plate that the fajitas we're too thick. Thats my only question as I'll figure out the rest. How do you cut, and present your fajitas for competition?
A pic of a turn in plate would be nice as well...
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Postby limey » Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:48 am

Big Welcome Mike ,It sounds like you plated ok. I'm sure others will chime in as well.
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Postby MONTANA25 » Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:53 am

In looking at others they were elaborate with the garnishing. Using hollowed avocados,, bell peppers and limes for pico, salsa, guacamole, and sauteed onions. then over heard the judges saying some were just too thick. I have never plated a turn in fajita so I just assumed that 10 judges needed 7 thick strips.
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Postby jtilk » Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:03 pm

I'm assuming what you did was a non-sanctioned event?? Most of the fajita entries I have done have been at cookoffs that were sanctioned by IBCA... I say this because in these events nothing is allow in the box but meat. No sauces, no sides, no vegtables or anything else. As far as plating, to me it varies with the cut of meat you are using... main thing is you want it tender. If you can get a thicker cut and keep it tender by all means do so. If you need a thinner cut cause it's a lil tough do that as well... Generally I cut mine fairly thick and I've done pretty well in comps.

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Postby garzanium » Sun May 04, 2014 10:20 pm

Man, I'm confused on that as well...tried asking the folks in San Marcos when we did a cook off there..they accepted our entry, but I was really confused on how to turn in the strips.

Did you happen to do Lockhart(the chill cookoff) about 2 months ago?

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Postby txluke » Mon May 05, 2014 12:08 am

I have won a lot of fajita cookoffs. Just find out at the head cooks meeting what is expected. I have had to turn in just strips, one strip and 25 bite sized pieces and just bite sized. I cut mine about 1/2 to 3/4. They are tender as a well cooked brisket so thickness isn't a problem. Cut against the grain and at a slight angle.
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Postby JMoney7269 » Mon May 05, 2014 10:12 pm

We have placed top 3 in jackpot fajitas quite a few times. We usually turn in a big perfectly cooked hunk for judges that want to cut their own bite sliced once on a diagonal to show a little red and about 20 pieces in a pile tossed in cutting board juice right between the sliced hunk of meat. I know the strategic placing of a pile seems off but it works. So far the best fajita meat we have found is the full skirt at walmart, their black label choice. It's usually around 2 lbs.the seasoning we use contains bromelain which is a super tenderizer found in pineapple. We used to do the whole garnish crap and found that just a good tasting basic turn in works the best. If they allow garnish, just dump in a bag of nuked fajita onions and bells to make a nice hott bed for the meat.
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