Sweet Ribs

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Re: Sweet Ribs

Postby Professor Bunky » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:38 am

Basically, these were done in just a little over 2 hrs with the oven averaging around 275. It was the next best thing to smoking them.
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Re: Sweet Ribs

Postby Russ » Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:19 pm

[quote="woodenvisions"]Been a LONG time since I've used this recipe, can't wait til game time tomorrow. We're going to a friend's house for the game, he's doing slow cooked Roast Beef, another guy is bringing Sausage and Peppers, another guy is bringing his ( Appetite and probably Take Home Containers ) cuz he's a MOOCH !!, Grrrrrrr.

Lol, this so reminded me of a guy I worked with at my last paid employment before starting my own company nearly 30 years ago. Mooch has nothing compared to this guy, such a brown noser, his name was Gary Robinson, we called him Mrs. Robinsons little ba$&@$d, lol. He used to even mow the bosses lawns during the week.He used to help himself to people's food that was left in the cafeteria during the day. Everyone got sick of him eating other people's food so one day I set him up. You prolly don't want to know what I did but it stopped him helping himself when he found out what I did. It was so funny.

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