20# of Smoked Polish Sausage

Sausage making and curing meats.

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Re: 20# of Smoked Polish Sausage

Postby Txdragon » Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:12 pm

spacetrucker wrote:looks good, some day I going to hit the right combination then I will be
able to post pictures....I am still experimenting with ultra small batches.

It takes time and patience for sure. I am a BABY in my tenure of making sausage (less than 5 years). Really closer to 3.5 years, and though I have had some great reviews from family and friends, I haven't had a single batch I am completely satisfied with. The last batch I made was probably the closest I have come to saying "HALLELUJAH"!! I will be trying this recipe again in the very near future though. Only thing is it takes longer than normal due to a new method I experimented with. I will be happy to share that as soon as I can duplicate the batch!
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Re: 20# of Smoked Polish Sausage

Postby spacetrucker » Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:29 am

it (the a good recipe) has been a most evasive thing to find, working with small batches is a real pain
but better than having a lot of ill tasting sausage that no one will eat more than one bite of. I take careful
notes, pictures, and then once my ego heals after a couple weeks or months, try again... :violent:
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