Holiday Desserts Easy

The sweet ending to a perfect meal.

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Holiday Desserts Easy

Postby Hj » Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:18 am

Here are few tasty n easy ones for family n friends

Banana Liquor
butter (see below
1/2 to 1/3 c. syrup favorite brand
3 tsps. heaping brown Sugar or more
Vanilla Ice Cream
Garnish with ~ see below

Like a liquor taste- get either rum or pineapple rum. Amaretto if that is what you like.

Melt 1/2 stick butter (depending on my taste that day to fry bananas. Make banana strips (cut in half then into 3 strips. Can do 3 or 4 strips or leave them thick. Fry strips in butter -both sides about 3 or 4 minutes- till looks wilted ñ remove to a plate to cool.

Add more butter to skillet- pour in syrup -heat medium to medium low-add brown sugar ñ melt together. Sauce should be like a caramel sauce. Thick- but pourable.

Now for liquor taste- add in ñ let alcohol evaporate out- careful- when using a gas stove- fumes like to catch fire sometimes. Using a bowl or large martini glass- place vanilla ice cream – some bananas in it. Pour hot sauce over bananas .
You can change flavor of the sauce by using extract too. Or make it like a butter rum banana foster- using cap of butter extract. Add some whip cream with a cherry or sprinkles of candy or those toffee sprinkles or whatever U heart desires.

Desert made with
Fresh bananas cut- strawberries slices- toasted coconut- whipped cream-vanilla wafers ñ banana pudding layered in martini glasses with ice cream right under the whip cream .

Orange Cloud

1) 1 lb. container whipped topping
1/2 c. mandarin oranges well drained
1/2 c. crushed pineapple well drained
1 pkg. Jell-o orange gelatin large

Severs 10) 1 cup servings.

Large bowl mix -whipping cream- drained mandarin oranges- drained pineapple n whole package of Jell-o.
Using a hand mixer mix all ingredients well n pour into a nice bowl for serving. Put into refrigerator to set. This is best if done in the morning before the big dinner or even the night before.

Can be served alone or with garnishes of fruit on top or little whip cream.


Oreo Cookie Delight

1/2 stick margarine
1 pkg Oreo cookies
2 boxes instant vanilla -pudding (can use sugar free
1) 8 oz. cream cheese (can use light or no fat
1) 12 oz. cool whip
1 T. vanilla extract

Melt 1/2 stick butter
Crush up pkg. Oreo cookies - mix into dish with melted butter
Layer 1/2 cookie mixture into 9”x13” pan
Mix~ pudding- cream cheese- cool whip ñ vanilla
Spread mixture over cookie layer
Layer remaining cookie mixture over top
Chill well before serving
A mistake is sometimes a great creation

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