Lobster/ Shrimp Rolls Coated ñ Fried

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Lobster/ Shrimp Rolls Coated ñ Fried

Postby Hj » Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:31 pm


Using 1) 4 to 5 oz. lobster -split in half with other seafood attached connected is per person

Lobster ñ shrimp meat
Lobster clean split ñ leave the end fins on only
Using 5 oz lobsters
Shrimp clean devein ñ no tail

After clean both well
Set aside to drain ñ place in refrigerator

Make Panko dry crumbs or a tempura batter or beer batter

Beaten eggs with either little milk –buttermilk or some mayo
Get UR deep fryer or pot will hot either peanut oil or Crisco or Canola oil HOT
ready to use

Remove all shells to shrimp ñ lobster EXCEPT ends fins of Lobster
Flatten the shrimp some- set aside -lobster meat is still attached to fin
Take 1 halved lobster with fin ñ 2 shrimp that are flattened ñ wrap around the lobster meat –twisting it so
It stays connected to lobster over lapping shrimp so it holds together in will all look like a long tubes with lobster fin being visible.
Dip the whole lobsters shrimp meat twisted together- into egg wash coat well
Dip these including the fins into either Panko seasoned * or tempura or beer batter –coat well ñ place into

Hot 375 ° F grease DO NOT crowd them-cook till golden brown ñ cooked not till the rubbery state. Drain on paper towels well.

Delicious ñ filling –Make a hot remoulade sauce to drizzle over when finished frying or set any sauce to the side. Or make a soy sauce -wasabi sauce ñ touch of Teriyaki sauce to dip them in or make or buy UR favorite cocktail sauce.

These are delicious –light ñ filling.

Will try baking these next time for helping to keep my arteries cleaner.

Notes~* season either the meat or the coating with little seafood seasoning - little cayenne pepper ñ a tiny pinch of garlic

Or use some crab boil seasoning or just coat with no seasonings. They are huge ñ extremely devine. Always when adding more to oil –Make sure hot is really hot ñ use
Clean fresh oil when starting out making these.
Can use sea scallops also flatten these also

Can also use "just" several shrimp connecting n twisting together.

Sometimes I add a little fresh chopped chives in the coating
A mistake is sometimes a great creation
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Papa Tom
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Re: Lobster/ Shrimp Rolls Coated ñ Fried

Postby Papa Tom » Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:28 pm

Need a picture of this one I'm not really understanding how shrimp ñ lobster are arranged together.
Thanks once again Hj
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Re: Lobster/ Shrimp Rolls Coated ñ Fried

Postby Hj » Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:11 am


I don't do pictures so I will walk U through- n Hope U or someone does picture for thiese rolls cause they are good.

Take jumbo shrimp 1 or 2 to each 1) n 1) 4 to 6 ozs. lobster -- both thawed out

Peel n devein shrimp - NO tails left on shrimp - split both shrimp open like a butterfly not completely through but so they lay completely flat.on surface- dry both shrimp off n set on paper towels while doing the lobster.

1 Lobster tail remove all the shell EXCEPT the Tail fins there should be 2 fins showing- if fins come off OH WELL no big deal.

Now - if fins still all intact n (even if fins not left on - cut lobster in half between the 2 fins upward towards what was the head. Now U have 2 lobster halves- with each having one fin..

Gently cut between each half lobster half to butterfly open EACH HALVED lobster to lay flat or pound a little with palm of UR hands without cutting through like the Lobster. Dry off with paper towels ..cause I rinse both shrimp n lobster well place on paper towels

Make UR egg wash with mayo n egg beaten well with some seasoning in the eggwash or season both egg wash n Panko bread crumbs..

So now you have 1 dish egg wash with seasonings n 1 dish seasoned with Panko bread crumbs.

Take shrimp sorta lay cross ways across the lobster gently as not to tear..just twist down to fin --fin will stick out by it's lonely n IMMEDIATELY while holding dip n roll in thick egg wash using both hands (cause they do not hold perfectlly together UNTIL U have egg wash on the shrimp n lobster - when U ROLL them in to Panko breadcrumbs.. n than coat well ..it will look almost n hold together like a corn dog but with fins ..I place 1 on platter n do the other..Than I do one of two things.. I twist them gently as the egg wash is adhereing to form the roll n Panko just makes it come all together nicely..

either have the peanut oil already really hot or if not even have oil in skillet or deep fryer I place platter in freezer for 15 to 20 minutes n get oil really hot n than place in skillet to fry

Once fried n brown on both sides remove with thongs.. If for any reason no cooked just set in micro for 40 to 45 seconds... The fins are coated also U don't eat them they are sorta fat n long DELICIOUS

~~Dipping Sauce I make is~~

Just a little Teriyaki sauce- quite a bit low sodium soy sauce n as much wasbasi paste mixed well together..

I will post this for all but as I said I don't do pictures... Someone will cause these are great or just do shrimps the same way but with shrimp U can make a slit n inter lock n twist them together.. n again once dipped it all comes together

In fact them Sunday using egg wash - some mayo -n seasoned the wash with very little dried basil- garlic granular- dash of cayenne pepper n seasoned the Panko breadcrumbs with just some lemon zest n salt... Just got to do them they are not as complicated as it sounds..Buit definetly worth the time n as far as time goes it takes me longer to clean the shrimp m lobster than the rest together.. cause I like them cleaned n rinsed...
Placing in the freezer before frying keeps the coating on better n not soaky before frying or baking if U prefer... Just make sure oil is HOT like 365 or 375 degrees

A mistake is sometimes a great creation

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