Penne Tubes Clams or Shrimp

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Penne Tubes Clams or Shrimp

Postby Hj » Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:00 pm

Quick- good ñ easy recipe for cook outs-lent or anytime that guest drop in

1 box Wheat penne cooked -in 1 tsp. garlic granular ñ 1 T. kosher salt- drain well

1 onion large yellow chopped small
1) 15 oz. black olives large chopped
garlic granular to your liking
salt ñ pepper to taste
dried basil to your taste I use 1 tsp. or so
2 medium pinches Italian Seasonings
little red crushed pepper
2 cans clams drained well small cans*
Olive oil extra virgin just to coat

Optional - add Romano cheese ñ just enough fresh lemon juice to taste - which neither is a must but gives extra flavor if I have FRESH lemon. Without either or these. It is good once chilled ñ flavors meld for awhile… or eat hot

~Note if you don't like clams add medium shrimp or crab- about 1/2 lb. You can add some chives if you like
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