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Re: Beef Cheeks

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:59 pm
by BArevalos210
Txdragon wrote:
BArevalos210 wrote:

How many pounds is that and how much do you recommend to buy if you usually buy 2 lbs at the restaurant?

It's still pretty much pound for pound. I've not actually ever weighed the end result to get an idea of the difference; just assume 5% loss after cooking. Normally a restaurant gives pre-cooked weight for meat items anyways. Cost for what i made was about 7 bucks. This batch net us a total of 16 GENEROUSLY sized tacos that if you received in a restaurant, you wouldn't flinch paying 2.50-3.00 for one. I've sold tacos like this for 2 bucks a pop and profited like a champ.
If you cook some up, post it here!

Currently in Saudi right now but this is one of the first items on the menu when I get home. I will post some pics and thanks for the info buddy. You are right about the flinch. 2lbs with torts, salsa and Guac is $35. :shock: :shock: :shock: Crazy!!!!