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Eastern Montgomery County Fair BBQ Cookoff

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:58 am
by Scott P
They are still planning on holding the EMCFA Rodeo and BBQ Cookoff on Sept 22-23. They were housing displaced flood victims and I didn't know if they would be ready for the cookoff. But, it looks like things are a go. It's our sixth year competing and we are scaling things back a bit. I focused a bit to much on entertaining and that affected my mood during the competition part. We mostly just fed friends and family of friends and usually had too much food and beer, wasting time and money. We aren't a sponsored team, so it got expensive and took away some of the fun. This year, people are still invited and welcome to come by, but the only food will be leftovers from competition prep and some snacks. Instead of spending time getting ready to entertain, I am going to enjoy the carnival with the kids.

I am also just not feeling it this year. I just realized that the event is coming up next week. I haven't done a lot of prep work or practice. Maybe it was Harvey. Maybe I'm just procrastinating. Maybe I'm on my sixth year and not as worried about it. In any case, it will still be a fun weekend. Hopefully the weather holds out. Some rain between now and then would be nice to soften up that ground up there. An end to the love bugs would be nice too, but that might be asking too much. :)

Who else is there this year? I am wondering if attendance or the number of teams (over 100 the past few years) will be down with the hurricane aftermath. We should be in our usual spot, number five, along the fence line. I love that spot and I hope they don't move us.

Re: Eastern Montgomery County Fair BBQ Cookoff

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 5:54 am
by k.a.m.
This is one of the few cook offs we have not lost this year to the storm. As one of the Regional Directors for IBCA I can say the storm has taken its toll on a lot of folks. Being a certified head judge I was helping Mary Lynn last year I may be back over there again not sure yet. Good luck with your cook. :D

Re: Eastern Montgomery County Fair BBQ Cookoff

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:44 pm
by Scott P
The cookoff was another good one. Those folks run a nice event. 113 teams participated. Public attendance was poor though. We didn't get any walks this year. We did get final table in brisket, 13th place. Not bad for a Yankee and an overcooked brisket. I must have hit the right flavor profile. They didn't read final table in chicken, so maybe I hit somewhere there. It seemed pretty darn solid to me and I've had success with it in the past there (4th and 5th in consecutive years).

I liked my slimmed down approach this year. I'll do the same next year too.