Buna Redbud Festival results.

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Buna Redbud Festival results.

Postby k.a.m. » Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:26 am

First off let me say this cook off was a very well run event my hats off to the Buna C of C and Jeff Hale for putting on such a fine cook Debbie and I had a great time.
21 teams showed up to cook this event and in the end Debbie and I managed a 3rd in chicken, 10th in ribs, and 8th in brisket.
A big Congrats to our own bruno994 for winning GC. A big congrats to Lonely Gringo on his RGC way to go Men. Congrats to all the teams who got calls.
Debbie and I look forward to this cook off next year.
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Re: Buna Redbud Festival results.

Postby jtilk » Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:11 am

:clap: Congrats to you guys on the accomplishments and calls.

KAM- good seeing you around again stranger.

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Re: Buna Redbud Festival results.

Postby bruno994 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:49 am

Thanks KAM. It was my pleasure hosting y'all in my hometown and even sweeter winning. Had to pull it out of my behind though, with a win in brisket after 5th place chicken and 8th place ribs. Other than a few water and electrical issues, everything went smoothly. Thank you to all who came over to cook and support our small town, hope to see more of you next year.
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Re: Buna Redbud Festival results.

Postby limey » Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:26 pm

Congrats to KAM and Bruno, looks like a great cookoff on a pretty nice day for both of ya'll. :thap:
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