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Postby DATsBBQ » Sat Sep 29, 2007 6:35 pm

Papa Tom wrote:Well the results are in and I wasn't in them which takes away the suspicion and removes all doubt,,,, There was a judge problem..... :D
OK Know I can't win it all and the throwdown was big...
Interestingly enough the first place brisket went to a guy doing his first cook not competition but cook. He had a borrowed old brinkman offset some Albertsons charcoal a brisket, ribs and some chunks of oak firewood. He may have gotten some pointers but because he was right next to me I know he did it mostly by himself. The point is anyone can.
All in all a great time and was really a pleasure meeting Gator and Bowhunter.

My first brisket was a total success, no coaching. The next two...not worth mentioning. So who knows, maybe that $50 taped to the bottom of the turn in box....., maybe it was the best Q there. Unless you were in the Judges Tent you'll never know.
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