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16 Days Left

Postby DATsBBQ » Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:14 pm

National Pork ThrowDown

This ThrowDown will be Pork-Any Thing Goes. This means:
1 entry per member,
The winner is the winner, no run-off poll.
Entry photo must have PORK in the picture.
Entry Photo can be meat only or plated with sides or a turn in box with garnish or -you get the idea.
To enter, send you pic to ThrowDown@ncre.biz" target="_blank
Pics should be at least 640X480 resolution for best results.

To prove that you cooked for the Throw Down, write the word PORK on the back of a business card and have that in the photo.

Deadline to submit is 9PM, Central Time on November 2nd. The Poll will go up on November 3rd and run for 48 hours.

Folks wanting to donate prizes for the ThrowDown should P.M. me. High Value Prizes are discouraged as it leads to voter fraud that is easy to detect (The Deputies can tell when something is "fishy") but is very difficult to prove.

Gentlemen/women, Start your smokers in honor to NATIONAL PORK MONTH :D May the best Qer Win!
Deputy Dave

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