General Ordinances regarding Throw Downs

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General Ordinances regarding Throw Downs

Postby DATsBBQ » Tue Jun 05, 2007 12:51 pm

The Deputies are charged with enforcing the laws concerning the Texas BBQ Forum Throw Downs. So here are the General Ordinances so ya'll can't claim ignorance.

General Throw Down Ordinance One: Only members of the Texas BBQ Forum can enter and/or vote in a Throw Down.

General Throw Down Ordinance Two: Categories for Throw Downs are:
1.) Big Hunks of Meat,
2.) Reebs,
3.) Things with Wings and
4.) Anything Goes.

No side dishes allowed except for the Any Thing Goes Category. Hint, a bun makes it a side dish.

General Throw Down Ordinance Three: Submit photos in a JPEG (.jpg) format with a resolution of 800x600. Limit of one picture per category entered. No pic markings.

General Throw Down Ordinance Four: Submitted photos must have somewhere in the photo written on the back of a white business card the secret code for the Throw Down. The secret code will posted prior to the start of a Throw Down. This ordinance is designed to prevent old photos from being entered.

edited 11/28/2013 to reflect new maximum size of photos to be viewed on the forum.
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