Stuffed Sausage Poppers Grilled Fried or Smoked Yum

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Stuffed Sausage Poppers Grilled Fried or Smoked Yum

Postby Hj » Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:06 pm

Take any regular size sausage Italian mild-sweet- hot or homemade to Bratwurst or any type sausage U might like Chicken Basil or I like Jennie O Turkey Sausage.

Slice open just enough ñ add onions-jalapeño or serrano’s strips or roasted green chili strips or roasted red bell or brought strips ñ add cheese** with some nice crunchy strips of jicama or wrap all in thin bacon strips ñ secure with soaked in water with toothpicks.

Secure with tooth picks. Either grill or smoke just like UR jalapeño poppers.

Use these on buns or cut them ñ dip them or use with any side dish.

Note** cheese is good with crumbled queso goat cheese also inside or serve crumbled on the top when serving. Get creative with these.

These are good with after frying little butter in a skillet remove sausage ñ keep warm. Add some water or chicken broth to skillet ñ add little butter ñ salt -bring to broil add pasta ñ cook al dente ñ drain than season with salt – pepper- touch of garlic granular – butter –touch of cream or half ñ half ñ Romano cheese. Oh this is good with the Jennie O lean Turkey sausage. Enjoy Hj.
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