Big ol brisket , very simple smoker

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Big ol brisket , very simple smoker

Postby Lonestar_smker » Sun Sep 02, 2018 3:04 pm

Hello y'all. I'm just now starting my first post and I appreciate everybody that posted on my welcome!!! Really though I am an aspiring BBQ chef and my dream is to own my own Smokehouse and BBQ joint. Well today all things aside. After smoking this bad boy since 10:30 the brisket finally finished around 12:30 today Sunday the day before Labor Day. I have a pretty decent pull-behind smoker that I use a lot. Well my brother who decided to use it and not bring it back left me in a rut. I had went to my butcher shop + got a pretty big brisket!! The total weight was 19.4 Packer brisket.!!! I bought this Thursday before Labor Day so that way I can let it sit out and dry up and soak up some rub. I'm using the Texas two, salt and pepper For my i like to add garlic powder.its the east south Texan in me !!! . ( ill never stray from using these 3 basic seasonings as long as i live, and if u get a good brisket then the meat will speak for itself. ). Used seasoned oak as fuel and mesquite as taste and smoke..( y use anything else??.) This is Texas !!!!! Heres where the difficulty comes in . not having my smoker which ive used to smoke hundreds upon hundreds of pounds different meats .I was in a bind. I dont believe in no oven brisket and the only thing i had left was a old qtr steel baby charcoal/weird smoker type-grill i made and fabbed lwhen i was 22!!!! I used it religiously and i learned how to cook on her thru trial and error . too.much smoke vs too much seasoning, over smoked and over cooked.i can say this pit i made gave me my love for bbq. She is still holding strong and can cook the heck out of anything, BUT IVE NEVER SMOKED A BRISKET ON IT BECAUSE NO FIRE BOX AND ITS A DIRECT HEAT TYPE OF PIT..THE TYPE U PUT LUMP CHARCOAL AND BBQ BURGERS AND CHICKEN...WITH NO SMOKE BOX IT WAS GONNA BE A CHALLENGE TO SMOKE THIS BIG OL 19 LB BRISKET....ILL GO AHEAD AND POST PICS OF MY JOURNEY............

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