Wood Rant, Funny

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Wood Rant, Funny

Postby Rambo » Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:46 pm

Fine BBQ, like fine wine, should be legally protected against false advertising, carpet-bagger influences or just plain old bait/switch scams. Just because we can’t agree on how to spell it (BBQ, barbecue, barbeque, etc) does not mean we can’t appreciate the heaven-sent goodness from the culinary world that involves smoke.
Perhaps this decal could be more like a hunting license with special “stamps” that would identify, in advance, how the que is produced. For example, there could be a “no pellet” stamp which might look like deer scat with a circle and a line through it. A picture of old sparky might denote that they use electricity either directly or through the use of an automated temperature controller.
If an establishment uses gas…(many pictures come to mind all of which involve flatulence). Using a crockpot for anything but sauce and beans should get the establishment the designation of a “crock of ….” stamp. If a microwave is used on the premises perhaps a “U-turn” stamp could be prominently placed.
This does not even account for places that decide they should waste their time, money, wood, and my time cooking an assortment of foods on a pit such as pizzas, kolaches, other bread products and healthy veggies, etc. This deserves a special stamp such as a circle with a line through it on top of an asparagus spear; you get the picture.
These decals should be visible from the road, perhaps on a 4×6 foot sign (if not larger), so that a passerby would not be led astray and mistakenly venture into the parking lot. Don’t mess with Texas BBQ!
**I saw this on another page and thought it was funny. It does not represent my thoughts ****
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Re: Wood Rant, Funny

Postby rms827 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 11:18 pm

LOL, I'll say it. The vast majority I agree with. :mrgreen:

I turn out some darned good food with my pellet grill though, and gas isn't necessarily evil either... Now trying to pass crock pot, microwave and oven cooked food as BBQ:

Grumpy Cat Hang.JPG
Nuff Said.
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Addenda: Wood fire is the only way to do pizza however. But it's not BBQ.
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Re: Wood Rant, Funny

Postby OldUsedParts » Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:26 am

There is no Limit when it comes to Fuel Sources. :roll:

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