Martin's BBQ - Nashville TN

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Martin's BBQ - Nashville TN

Postby rms827 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 6:01 pm

We were out in Tennessee last September, and needless to say I wasn't about to pass up the chance to try to find some quality BBQ while away from the PRC.

When we got to Nashville (one of a handful of stops), I got online and found that Martin's downtown is the place all the locals go to and try to hide from the tourists. That was enough for me, LOL. Off we went.

Aside from the fact that parking in downtown Nashville is scarce and expensive, it was worth the trip.

Martin's Street View.jpg
The view from where we parked, just down the street.

Martin's is in an old brick building and it has two stories of seating. You have to stand in line to order, and there can apparently be quite a line if you time it wrong. By the time we finished eating, the Titans had gotten done spanking the Seahawks just down the road, and half the stadium had shown up for grub. The line was out the door and down the block. As it was, we had a little over a half hour wait to order. Once you order, you seat yourself and they'll have somebody find you and bring you your food.

Ribs are what they're famous for, and they do them Memphis dry rub style, with sauce on the side. Portions are crazy big too, since they don't trim the ribs down. Here's a "plate" (cafeteria tray) with a HALF rack of ribs with some fries and hoecakes. There's some Texas Toast buried under those ribs too if you look in the upper right corner. :D


The ribs were great in terms of overall flavor. A bit heavy on the rub, but they were tender and had great flavor. They're cooked on giant stick burners, not sure what kind of wood they use. The Hoecakes were good, but the fries were nothing special. They have a handful of other sides too, but I'm blanking as to what they were. Sauces were good but IIRC they leaned more towards Memphis/St Louis and Carolina types. As said above the picture, that's a half rack. If you order a full rack, it literally takes up the whole tray and hangs over a hair on both sides. Your extras come on a second plate, LOL.

Decor is pretty casual as this pic shows:


Definitely not a pretentious California Cuisine restaurant. :D Like alot of places in Nashville, they sometimes have live music too.

They're a tiny bit on the pricey side, but when you look at how much food they give you, it more than balances out. You could eat off a full rack for days, LOL. Definitely worth a try if you're even in the Nashville area.

They're apparently expanding and now have a few places around Tennessee. I can't vouch for any of the other locations, but the one downtown was pretty dang good.
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