brinkman trail le vertical smoker

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brinkman trail le vertical smoker

Postby zekester » Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:20 pm

hey ya all final got this dog to workout took the water pan out got the temp up to around 300-325 then put the water pan in but after seeing the temp drop like my oil stocks realized the water pan was too close to the fire so took out next uper rack and put it in that slot now I did lose the three racks but thats ok one slab of ribs cut in half four country stle or st louis any way top rack was used for sweet corn and smoke sausage...... now the real thing was the temp. dropped too 225-250 I never was able to hold that kind of heat range cooked about 3-4 hours and the funny thing was I used only 1 load of kingsford mixed with apple chunks wood even my boss(wife) said the best ever ok I'm just starting but sure thank all you all the help you gave me Zeke.....

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