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Smiley's Column

Postby OldUsedParts » Fri May 19, 2017 7:52 am

Bill Donnelly, of Slidell, shares his favorite flying story:

"I was sitting in the middle seat, with a deadheading pilot on my right and a very pretty 'twentyish' girl on my left, when we hit rough weather.

"The girl says, 'I've never flown before and I'm scared!'

"I tell her, 'No need to be scared unless this pilot next to me looks scared.'

"She replies, 'I don't care, I'm still scared!'

"I say, 'Would it help if we held hands?'

"She looks me over: 'I'm not THAT scared!'"

Beekeeper: Let's do saddle up and go learn that gentleman his manners
Davy Crockett: We won't have to. He's wearing out horses coming towards us
Beekeeper: Guess we can't stop him from coming. But I reckon we can arrange for him to limp going back
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Re: Smiley's Column

Postby Williep » Fri May 19, 2017 8:03 am


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