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Brisket and ribs sale

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:49 pm
by limey
Lots of good meat deals this week in the Fort Worth- Dallas area
HEB- Brisket packers 1.47 lb limit 2 :cheers:
St. Louis style pork ribs 2.97

Target- Pork BB ribs 2.79 lb

Kroger - Pork loin backs or St.Louis style 2.99 lb
( I know they are enhanced or juiced up )

Albertsons- 6/29,30 and 7/1 only Brisket packers 1.99 limit 1 with 10.00 purchase
and Whole Fryers .69lb limit 3 with 10.00 purchase

All week specials-
Pork BB or St.Louis style ribs 2.88 lb
Bone in country style pork ribs 1.48 lb
Sanderson Farms chicken drumsticks or thighs .99 lb value pack
Johnsonville brats or Italian grilling sausage 2 for 7

Tom Thumb-Brisket packers 1.49 lb-limit 2 with 25.00 purchase - while supplies last
New York strip steak 3.99 lb
Ribeye steak- 4.99 lb
Beef ribs-1.99 lb

Burleson City Market - Pork spareribs 1.88 St. Louis style 2.88
Brisket 2.18 lb Country style ribs 1.45lb
10 lb bag fryer leg Quarters .47lb

Wallymart- Pork spareribs1.98 lb

Didn't see any Kingsford deals :o
Yall have a great one.

Re: Brisket and ribs sale

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:44 pm
by txsmkmstr
SuperOne... Tyler, Texas - has Hormel pork spares for $1.77 per pound from now through Tuesday. Might be some other East Texas SuperOne's offering the same.

Re: Brisket and ribs sale

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:52 pm
Randalls has packers (select) on sale for $1.48/#. There should be a category below select.... these had more fat on them than bacon fried in duck lard. The ends of the flats had more fatcap than meat by a 2:1 ratio. Just couldn't go there even though the price was right.

No sale, but Wallyworld has packers (IBP) at $2:18/#. Mostly select but some in the were "Choice". There was a real nice looking choice packer tipping the scales at 17#, flat end meat height more than an inch. "Self", I say to myself, "a guy could separate the point from the flat and if still too long cut it down and grind some burger". But the thought of grinding meat at 85° (temp I keep the humble abode at) didn't sound like a good idea. Still I keep looking at it, even put it in cart at one point lest someone pilfer it from under my nose. But reality is what it is -just wouldn't fit in E2. But I did find one, also choice, just shy of 14# that will fit nicely. Looks like it will be Brisky here on the 4th.

Wallyworld also had pumped up frozed spares (Smithfield) at $1.88/#.

I'm going to have breakdown and buy a freezer and membership to Sams or Costco. Frozen unpumped pork, IMHO, is better than refrigerated pumped pork. I haven't seen fresh unpumped ribs since I left the Mountains, and there it was scarce. All the Tyson pork cuts were "enhanced" or "contains a solution up to 12%".

Re: Brisket and ribs sale

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:57 pm
by FR8 Train
I believe the HEB "All Natural" chickens, ribs and briskets are never frozen and free of enhancements, but you'll pay a premium for them.

Brisket and ribs sale

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:27 pm
by bsooner75
Jumped the gun and went to albertsons a day early for the brisket sale. Grabbed a couple packs of St Louis style ribs @ $2.88. May go back tomorrow. Or hit Tom Thumb. They have a decent beer selection so the $25 ante won't be difficult.

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