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Re: Please welcome a new sponsor - The BBQ Institute

Postby egghead » Fri Jan 08, 2010 6:09 pm

Konrad_Haskins wrote:
egghead wrote:Welcome - some real nice folks in here but of course you already knew that.

Perused your website and enjoyed the tour. I see you have a few flower pots. Although I already have my BGEs in a table, I really like the SS table for the XLBGE and may have to try that out - would make the XL a lot easier to move around.

Once again - welcome.

Egghead I've owned S,M,L,XL eggs. I sold the XL in the stainless table. The fire grate is way bigger without being stronger/thicker so it cracked. My biggest single complaint about the XL is the place setter legs are super short. I like the other three sizes. My favorite is the Large with a 2" fire ring place setter and factory three level grate. Just telling how I experience it.

I also had a big trailer pit and I miss having that full of meat checking the fire under a clear starry night. The Ole Hickory does an amazing job and lets me sleep, but there is just no romance there. I need me another traditional trailer pit.

BGEs new XL design has longer legs on the platesetter and the fire ring is a little shorter so the grid sits at the felt line. Unfortunately I have the original XL but with the new platesetter (busted mine putting it down too fast - it was hot) so the grid is above the felt line. 8)

My fire box also cracked but I'm still cooking with it with no problems. A new one is on the way under their life time warranty. I'll probably use the old one for quite a while after the new one arrives. I also has the small and mini - I use the mini quite a lot and the small more than the XL. The XL is for large cooks - mostly low and slow.

Glad you joined the neighborhood
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Re: Please welcome a new sponsor - The BBQ Institute

Postby NewBQ » Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:44 pm

Welcome to the forum Konrad!

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