san antonio gathering

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Re: san antonio gathering

Postby primetime » Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:21 pm

Ill buy a small something for a give a way.
i dont know what yet, but, bbq related.

it will be for the person who travled the furthest or something like that.

might be a apron, knife, hat, gloves or something in that nature.
heck might be a case of beer.(thats bbq related) heck ya.

we could even start the traveling beer jug.
nice new jug & everybody signs it & when some one competes or vists another member hands it off & add a little more beer inside. report it to this forum where its at. (just a little fun)

when its full the last person puts it in there trophy case.

can anybody ship any tbbq forum sticker to apply to the jug?

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